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How to choose a good SEO consultant?

good seo consultant

The good SEO consultant will be able to develop an effective web positioning strategy based on the characteristics of your domain after having carried out the pertinent analysis. It is, therefore, important to value your work and not assume that what you do is “easy” or requires hardly any preparation.

To find out what an good SEO consultant is and how much he charges, keep reading the article, and you will get an idea about how this type of service works. We hope it will help you If you’re pondering about employing a Search engine consultant, here’s what you need to recognize.

Is SEO consulting with an agency or with a freelance?

When choosing an good SEO consultant, you will find both agencies offering this service and freelancers doing it. In the moment of truth, it is not very important because if the The consultant is effective regardless of his working style, yet he has certain flaws differences to consider.

A freelance SEO consultant usually offers more personalized prices and services than an agency, which usually works with fixed rates. Therefore, if you do not have a large budget or you just want something very specific, it may be better for you to contact a freelancer. In addition, the freelance is usually more flexible in rates, hours, and service changes.

An SEO agency has the advantage of having experts who can take care of your project from a complete perspective. This doesn’t mean, though, that a freelancer can’t have collaborators to help him when he does not arrive.

Although until recently, there was the idea that the freelancer could be less professional than the agency, the differences between the two are narrowing more and more, so our advice is to search and compare, choosing whoever makes you the offer which meets ones particular needs. Needs without contemplating freelance or an agency.

Criteria to observe when requesting an SEO consultancy

When hiring someone to take care of your website, you must consider that an expert SEO must carry out an SEO consultancy. This will have a wide range of knowledge acquired through experience and will know how to manage the positioning of your website completely.

An expert SEO consultant should offer you a realistic project vision; that is, they will have to analyze your website and explain in detail what is happening and how to solve it step by step. You must run away from those who promise to place you at no.1 in the search engine results from pages (SERPs) for a particular amount of money. explaining a minimum strategy to follow.

Normally, those who act like this are limited to doing paid advertising so that they appear in the top positions, but that will not guarantee you to get clients or more conversions in the long term, which interests you.

In addition, it is recommended that, once you have one or more candidates with which to improve your web positioning, you investigate their trajectory, ask about them and even look for them on social networks in search of opinions from other clients.

Finally, a very important aspect to assess is the communication he establishes with you, that is, he explains everything clearly and answers any questions you may have without hesitation. Of course, this must also be translated when establishing the terms of your agreement regarding services and payment: rates, payment method, etc.

What characterizes a freelance SEO consultant?

A freelance SEO consultant, far from having a long list of regulated qualifications and studies, must have experience and, above all, a great capacity for organization, management and patience, in addition to having developed certain skills necessary to carry out this type of work.

This does not mean you cannot ask for seriousness and consistency when establishing the contract terms since a freelance SEO consultant must offer you the same guarantees and security as an agency dedicated to the same thing.

The talents that an good SEO consultant should ideally manage are the following:

  • Ability to develop strategies. You can easily manage projects, analyze results and handle related documentation.
  • Technical knowledge. It handles HTML, CSS and PHP in addition to taking care of the backend, such as the. htaccess or robots.txt file, along with tags, error codes, responsive design and, finally, everything related to the most technical details.
  • Ease of analysis. He interprets graphics of all kinds and knows how to perfectly monitor, analyze and measure all the data related to web positioning.
  • Content creation. It is responsible for setting the trend for SEO in web content, both improving existing ones and creating new ones. In addition, perform keyword research to position the keywords of interest.

The most common is that an good SEO consultant stands out in one or two aspects above the rest, but that doesn’t mean that cannot do a great job. However, the ideal is to find a professional SEO expert whose career and experience have made him handle all these aspects optimally.

What tasks must be if it’s a done by such an SEO business to boost the ranking of a website in Bing?


The SEO expert will analyze web analytics in order to optimize and improve search engine positioning. To do this, she will carry out the following actions:

  • Internal Audit: It is the place to start if you want to raise the rank of a website. The SEO consultant must be able to analyze a page both externally and internally, which implies having knowledge of HTML and keyword analysis among others.
  • Link Building: The SEO consultant must know how to analyze the links that a web page has, both internal and incoming and outgoing, to consider a link-building strategy that benefits the positioning of the web.
  • Competition study: Seeing the strategies that competitors are following is part of the job that an SEO consultant must do to find new ways to improve positioning.
  • Advertising Campaigns: It is not essential, but if it is considered necessary, the SEO consultant has to know how to create successful SEM campaigns.
  • Monitoring: Of course, none of this is useful if the good SEO consultant does not follow up on the results to see if the same strategy has to be followed or changes to be made.

To carry out all these actions, the good SEO consultant will need specialized tools that he must know how to take care of skillfully so he can get a results he wants. Unfortunately, there is no complete SEO suite better or worse, but each consultant tends to use those whose results are most convincing. Some of the most common SEMRush, Ahrefs, Web Analytics, and Search Console are all good tools.

Search Console.

What is the Approximate Price of An SEO Consultancy?

There are no stipulated prices for SEO consulting since it depends on many factors, such as the services that will be carried out in terms of positioning. You are not going to pay the same if you only want an audit, then if you prefer that the professional SEO consultant is also in charge of all the actions to be executed.

Generally, most SEO consultants, whether freelance or agency, usually compute the total fee for their services during working hours. They also include other factors, such as the type of project, since it is not the same to work on a web page with fewer URLs than one with hundreds of them, which you should be aware of when requesting quotes.

An SEO consultancy can cost from $100 in its simplest facet to $800-1000 on average in the most complex cases. Remember that requesting an audit is not the same as hiring a freelance organization to work on ones project full-time or for at least a few months.


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