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How Hard Does Search Engine Take To Bring Results?

How Hard Does Search Engine Take To Bring Results

If you think this is the typical blog post in which we will give you an incomprehensible role. You are very wrong! After reading it, we hope that the importance of SEO is clear to you and, in addition, we cover the most common question: HOW Hard DOES Search engine TAKE TO Bring Results?

The million-dollar question. Who knows how to answer it?

No one! SEO is not an exact science; it is not like multiplying 4×2 or knowing that 9 is the square root of 81 will always be 9.

As we already know, SEO (also called “organic” or “web positioning”) is a set of techniques that aim to make a website more visible in search engines like Google.

It is one of the most important online marketing tools as it allows you to increase visibility and the number of visits from search engines (organic traffic). Ultimately, SEO helps convert potential customers into end customers.

An estimate of when we will start to see results

Although and as we have already clarified, SEO is not an exact science, some data allows us to understand ​​when we will begin to see the benefits of applying it in our business.

SEO strategies usually take between 3 and 12 months to give results. This is an estimate of the time you will have to wait:

  • From 3 months to see initial results
  • From 6 months to see noticeable results
  • From 12 months to see full results

We repeat: this is an estimated time! The actual time frame will depend on different factors, such as the quality, quantity, and frequency of posted content and, of course, how good the website is as a whole.

We must forget about unrealistic expectations and set smart goals. SEO needs his space and time; give it to him!

A simile, face to face, so that we understand each other

SEO is like that person who makes a goal for the new year to go to the gym (but one of those who sticks to it, not the one who buys a three-month voucher and doesn’t make it to two weeks). So let’s call our gymnast Marcos.

Suppose that Marcos is not very fit, and his goal is to lose some belly and get a little strong. He will have to combine a good diet with constant training.

Marcos begins to see results, but gradually. If he starts in January, he doesn’t have the muscles he wants in February, but maybe he’s already lost some of his bellies. Maybe he will get a bit of a ripped abdomen in April, and in June, he will gain some muscle mass.

However, Marcos may already be closer in November than he had imagined in January. Does this mean that all the work is done? Is it over? Do we celebrate by dropping out of the gym and spending that money on dinner at MC Donald’s twice a week? Of course not! Marcos has to be constant to maintain what he has achieved and improve.

With SEO for the same, you begin to see remarkable results after X time, but that is not the time to stop. We have not crossed the finish line; now, we can rest and forget. Small wins should be celebrated, of course. But just when we get them, it’s time to dream big.

10 Reasons Why SEO Is A Process That Never Ends

SEO must always be a part of our business. Otherwise, he will face a series of difficulties and may lose part of the work he has achieved.

Here are some reasons why that should be the case:

  • Because your competition also does continuous SEO
  • Because developing good content is also a continuous process
  • Why do search engines change their algorithm constantly
  • Because it is vital to maintain or raise your ranking
  • Because the digital market is constantly evolving
  • Because if there are changes in your business, they must be reflected in SEO
  • Why users change their search behavior
  • For the changes that occur in the statistics of your web page
  • Why it takes time to establish a domain authority on your website
  • Because a positive reputation of your website requires an updated SEO


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