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how important is local SEO?

local Seo

What is local SEO?

Before talking about local SEO, we will define dry SEO in case you have landed on this page and are still unclear about the concept.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is a set of actions designed to optimize a web page to position it in the top positions of search engines such as Google. It is of the utmost strategic importance since it allows users to find us when they search in the medium term. For this reason, among other things, we work from keywords or keywords, allowing search engines to crawl the web in search of results.

Now, local SEO is another of the strategies that are included within web positioning. Its objective is the positioning in search engines (Google, Bing, Apple Maps…) within a geographical space limit. The result is a well-positioned brand in a territory that offers services or products to a population in that locality.

But the importance of this strategy is often not considered in the web positioning strategies of industrial B2B companies. Many of the businesses and companies you can find on the Internet are set up to meet the needs of a local market with a specific and localized geographical scope. However, their SEO is set up to focus on macro-magnitudes and global positioning, which means they lose a lot of the potential that the resources they have been given should be able to reach.

Sometimes, your company may decide to try to break into a market in a certain area. For these cases, a strategy that considers, as a priority, local positioning is essential.

Enhance your positioning with the location


It’s clear that you can and should do it if you want your business to focus on a specific market in a certain area.

When you search for a bicycle repair shop as a customer, you usually put the location where you want to take your bike to get fixed in your search phrase.

This will provide. So, you’re only interested in the repair shops near you.

If you own a workshop or business that offers services or sells its goods in Segovia, being at the top of searches in Bilbao won’t interest you much. So instead, you should focus on improving your presence in local searches by putting your resources there.

Web analytics provides us with a whole series of tools to know where the users who search for us or are looking for products like ours are coming from, so it will be very useful to detect markets you can target if your company has some aspirations. To reach more places and grow, it needs to work on a local SEO strategy that improves its web ranking in these areas.


How to improve local search engine rankings

How to improve local search engine rankings?

We move in a world of constantly evolving search algorithms that try to get closer every day to giving the most precise answers possible to what users seek.

The keywords or keywords have not disappeared and are still very important in geo location and local SEO. It is also evident that including the location in the domain name can give immediate results, but this is not a solidly supported positioning and can penalize it. In contrast, the most interesting domains are often already taken.

A good way to improve your rank and presence in the top spots locally is to use a combination of all the tools you have to geolocate the indexing of your pages while not ignoring the fine-tuning of all the things that help SEO in general. Google My Business as a local SEO tool.

It’s time to create or update your Google My Business listing, a free and simple tool to help us position our business geographically.

Let’s see the procedure step by step:

  • Write the name of your company. To do this, Google My Business gives you two options:
  • Create a new business.
  • Claim an existing business. Try searching for your business name if it gives a search result before creating a new one.
  • Register your business address.
  • Enter the exact address through Google Maps with your location pin.
  • Choose a category. This is where you should try to define your business.
  • Add your phone number and website.
  • Check your business.
  • You can complete the information with opening hours, photos, information on products and services or secondary contact information, among others.

Once you complete this information, your business will have a geographical positioning on Google Maps to reach potential customers who discriminate by area according to their needs.


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