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Reach new targets and gain visibility in several geographical areas thanks to international referencing!
Do you want to launch or develop your business in another country? Do you want to simultaneously improve your site’s SEO in several languages and/or countries in several languages and/or countries simultaneously? International SEO ensures visibility with multiple and varied audiences to make your internalization successful.
Well mastered, this growth and development lever offers rare traffic and conversion performance. Indeed, each country and each language constitutes an opportunity for international development that you cannot miss, thanks to search engines. Digital pushes the boundaries and gives companies a way to achieve high ambitions. Make your brand visible in your market in several languages/countries and generate qualified traffic to an optimized site!

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The particularities of a multilingual SEO project

Global SEO goes beyond traditional SEO. It is a type of SEO that changes to fit different markets worldwide. Multilingual websites necessitate consideration of more than just technical factors. You also have to think about how different cultures and languages work. Similarly, depending on the country, Internet users do not all use the same search engines. Google crushes the competition in the USA, but market share in another country could push you to integrate Bing, Yandex or Baidu into your international SEO strategy.

International SEO Services

What are the challenges of international SEO

An international seo strategy must be clearly defined and carefully considered because being referenced on foreign search engines requires specific skills. Indeed, it is not just about translating your site into your desired foreign language. You must first define a strategy considering the particularities of the foreign market you wish to establish yourself and the specification of foreign search engines. Thus, it must understand the targets, objectives, habits of international users, cultural differences and legal and political aspects. So many factors that must be considered!

What are the strategic points to optimize your site?

To reach markets located in other countries, it is essential to establish an Global digital strategy. Consequently, your initial site must be transformed to be accessible by your foreign targets and optimized according to the criteria of foreign search engines to obtain a good positioning. Here are the various factors that must be optimized to ensure your organization’s visibility beyond its borders:

  • Hosting and domain name.
  • The choice of keywords.
  • The multilingual option.
  • Le net linking local.
  • Writing local content.
international seo services
international seo services

The goals of this strategy for your business

An Global SEO strategy must be defined for sites with international seo consultant or that want to conquer a new foreign market. At Maven SEO Agency, we support you in anticipating the essential technical and editorial criteria for the successful deployment of your project.

  • Capture new customer markets.
  • Have visibility with Internet users from foreign countries.
  • Benefit from optimal referencing on foreign search engines.

International SEO: support from our Maven SEO Agency experts!

To guarantee viable parameters for your entire network in the targeted markets, we have a well-defined process. Furthermore, this path allows us to propose international SEO strategies in line with the specification of your project.
Our Global SEO is divided into analysis, recommendations and follow-up.

  • Analysis of the site, its activity and the international project.
  • Realization of a deliverable of possible international strategies and recommendations of our technical team.
  • Restitution of a document on the technical and editorial actions to be implemented within the framework of the selected strategy.

Monitoring of the proper implementation of the recommended actions. Maven SEO Agency provides the best International Seo Services in the USA.

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