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How to optimize local SEO for more than one Address?

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How to optimize local SEO?

Your business has many locations or franchises instead of just one. Suppose you need to know how to make a good local SEO plan for each address. Even though it may seem hard, setting up a good local SEO strategy for more than one address is possible. If you know the basics, you’ve already done a lot of the work for optimize local SEO. So, here is what you really have to know regarding local SEO for companies with more than one place and more than a address.

How to set up a business’s website with more than one location?

The company often asks, “Does each of our locations need its website? No, that’s not true.

At first glance, it might make sense for each business location to have its website. But in the long run, this is negative for SEO and also the image of the company.

And it’s hard enough for a single website to get noticed by search engines; think Concerning the time and work this would take to accomplish the identical thing for many sites simultaneously. Also, building and keeping a website can cost a lot of money, which is not good for businesses with limited budgets.

The good way to do that is to have one main website, like, and different pages for each place. You can set up these location pages as subdomains or sub directories, like or

A Google representative said that there isn’t much difference when it comes to SEO (SEO). No matter what you decide, each site must have its URL.

What should a local page have to make it SEO-friendly?

Once the URLs have been set, it’s time to make the page with them. At the very least, Each website should have at least the foregoing on it:

  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Opening hours
  • A Google map that is built in
  • All unique promotions here
  • All services unique to this location
  • at least one paragraph of unique, keyword-rich content about the place

If necessary, links will be sent to a special page in local directories like Facebook, Yelp, etc. There shouldn’t be duplicate information or contact info on a local page for other places. In other words, don’t duplicate the cliched text on all location pages, and don’t put the addresses or phone numbers of nearby sites on location pages.

Each local page should be optimized on its own

Once you’ve made Location Pages with useful information on each one, it’s time to optimize each Page’s On-Site Optimization. First, check each page’s title tag, meta tag, and the H1 tag. Each one should have words or phrases that are related to the location. Also, add structured data to the page to give Google information about each place. Google’s Structured Data Markup can help you do this.

Use sitemaps to promote your local pages

Create sitemaps as well as send them to search engines such as Google to assist them in discovering your pages your local pages. This blog provides a full guide to the four most important sitemaps of a natural referencing strategy.

Boost each page’s local SEO

Google, My Business lets businesses with multiple locations (or addresses) make separate pages for each location. You can also find a Google My Business SEO The same blog also has a guide. You can also check out the Google My Business help pages if you need to.

Follow these best practices when you fill out the required information on Google My Business pages:

Make sure to link to each location’s main website’s local page. In other words, the Google My Business page links to, not just

The phone number listed on each location’s Google My Business page should put customers in touch with the business in question. Do not give the number for the headquarters.

make sure your business’s name is the same as in all of your Search engine My Business pages listings. Don’t name it after a city or anything else that tells where it is.

Choose as many categories as you can from the list that Google gives you, and ensure they are the same from ad to ad. The only time this isn’t true is if two places offer very different services, which doesn’t happen often.

These best practices should also be used for the following local SEO services:

Don’t let the Amount Fool You

Stick to the most important directories. Think about both quantity and quality. What for? Google looks at how the same knowledge about such a company is displayed in different places in different places online. If a business’s name, address, or phone number differs in different places, it hurts its trustworthiness, and Google lowers its ranking. Maintaining and updating information is easy when you only have to keep track of a few records.

Remember to keep track of how well each page does.

You can use Google Analytics to make reports that will assist with figuring out how each local page is doing. On this blog, you will find instructions on how to add report frameworks to your Google Analytics account.

Save Time By Focusing On A Specific Area

Google AdWords is the most effective means of reaching potential customers and future clients Geo targeting in local, national, and international markets because of how relevant and universal the information it has about how Internet users search right now is. So try out Geo targeting and get leads that way.


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