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Organic SEO, what is it?

Organic SEO

Organic, natural or SEO referencing, several expressions for the same and sole objective: to attract more visitors and ensure maximum visibility! What is organic SEO, and what is its process? In this article, we answer all your questions regarding this topic.

Organic SEO

Organic referencing is more commonly referred to as natural referencing ( SEO). It designates all the existing techniques making it possible to position a website on one or more previously identified requests.

The objective of this technique is to sign up your site with some search engines so other people can find it can index the web pages of your website in their database.

What is the organic SEO process?

The SEO must audit the targeted site and its competitors to delimit the most suitable strategy. The objective is to analyze the competition and identify the most relevant keywords. Depending on the budget, targeting long-tail keywords (limited budget) or primary keywords (large budget) is possible. The more competitive the targeted keywords, the longer the positioning on the 1st page will be (between 6 months and 2 years). For Internet users to be able to see the site, it is essential to meet the specifications defined by Google, namely:

  • Varied and quality content
  • Clear and ergonomic site structure
  • Site accessible by mobile (smartphone and touchpad)
  • Quality backlinks directly related to the theme of the site to be positioned
  • Optimal speed when loading the site

It is important to emphasize that organic SEO is the opposite of paid SEO with Adwords The main advantage of organic referencing is that the positions obtained in the search results are permanent. In the context of paid referencing, visibility is only a function of the budget available per day.

Does organic SEO require multiple skills?

Over the years, organic SEO techniques have evolved. While it only took a few articles and a lot of backlinks less than 5 years ago, it is now necessary to offer quality content and make your site popular via carefully selected backlinks. The reference person must therefore know how to write, capture the attention of other sites, have technical expertise, be aware of the latest trends and use social networks appropriately.

Below are the main skills of an SEO referrer:

  • Mastery of SEO Search Experience Optimization: combining SEO techniques and UX, in other words, attractive content and the best user experience. Proper use of it makes it possible to meet user expectations.
  • Monitoring of web trends: the SEO must be aware of all web trends so that he can adapt the solutions, especially concerning the technical aspects, in particular new functionalities and web technologies and the changes in the market, particularly new entrants or new competition. As well Google algorithm because it makes regular changes to improve the user experience; it is, therefore, necessary for SEO to adapt to the various changes of new search engine algorithms.

What are the organic SEO tools?

How can we know the natural positioning of our site on search engines? To answer this question, we must talk about the tools that allow you to analyze the positioning and awareness of your site, especially the number of tourists, the number of backlinks, the number of clicks, the bounce rate, etc.

Here is a list of specific tools for developing your organic SEO strategy:

Google Search Console: a free platform offered by Google; it ensures you follow up on natural referencing and optimize it.

It allows you to analyze the following:

  •  the indexing of all the pages of the site,
  •  The ergonomics of the site and the errors present within the pages,
  • Performance related to natural referencing through different KPIs and even user queries.

Semrush is the tool used by SEO experts because it offers a 360° view of SEO performance. It allows:

  • To do keyword research,
  • Data from competing sites,
  • Audit and health of your site,
  • Organic and paid performance tracking, etc.

Google Ads: a free tool from Google used to research keywords and their search volume, but also to develop an SEO strategy.

PageSpeed ​​Insights: this tool offered by Google allows you to analyze a site’s speed. There are also other tools like this one, such as GTmetrix, which lets you check how well and fast a site works; it is highly recommended to use these tools combine the two tools for a good result.


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