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Maven Seo Agency offers a comprehensive range of digital advertising services: PPC Marketing, Social Media, and Remarketing / Retargeting. The latest tools and technologies combined with a detailed study of your customers are put at your disposal to increase the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns.

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What PPC Marketing services do we offer?

PPC marketing consultant services at the PPC Success Center include various benefits according to our customers’ needs. It can be an all-in-one service for your business or non-profit organization!
We believe that PPC advertising is the art of getting the most out of every penny paid. Setting objectives and KPIs and developing an overall best product or service marketing strategy. With Measurable Results, Pay-per-click programs can be an effective tool to get your profitable share of the increasing numbers of daily researchers.
PPC Marketing Firm Success Center is all about delivering good results. Knowing what you’re willing to gain from your campaign and how you plan to measure your success. Do you, for example, want to see a significant increase in the number of people who visit your website quickly?
Or do you want to increase conversions, sales or return on investment (ROI)? Or do you want to increase brand awareness? Here are our specialized services that will save you money and time. We can also find the best way to meet your needs using the best formula.
We will help you to identify and prioritize the specific goals you want to achieve with your online marketing efforts. Also, we will show you the best data to follow to share with you the success of your campaigns.

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Display Advertising

We provide cost-effective management for the Google Display Network (including Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange), the Yandex ad network and other CPC ad networks. We also offer effective use of YouTube advertising, which with over 1 billion users, is a powerful marketing channel that offers various ad formats, sophisticated targeting and reporting capabilities.


An ad placement via the real-time bidding (RTB) marketplaces makes it possible to show the potential customer advertising at exactly the right time. Programmatic buying via RTB with targeting, tracking and reporting capabilities is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools.

Remarketing / Retargeting

We assist you in contacting website visitors who have not yet completed a purchase. Retargeting is an efficient way to reach highly targeted audiences who are already interested in your product or service.

Gmail Ads

The flexibility is what makes the Gmail ads particularly impressive. These can be aligned according to various parameters, adjusted for different formats and automatically optimized for different devices. In addition, advanced tracking and reporting capabilities can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Paid Search Ads

We use our best practice knowledge for professional Google AdWords management services. An experienced team of certified professionals manages pay-per-click advertising.

Native Ads

Your ad appears as a content recommendation on the network of top news publishers, helping you reach new audiences and drive traffic to your website.

Facebook advertising

We’ll help you get started, get results, and grow fast with carefully planned and creative Facebook Ads campaigns. In addition to traditional Facebook ads, we also use innovative approaches such as ReviewAds. The automated ads with positive reviews of your products or services are collected from various sources and displayed on Facebook. ReviewAds works with Testseek and already has millions of reviews in its database. Leveraging Facebook, Retargeting, and ReviewAds is a powerful social media marketing strategy to increase your CTR and decrease CPA.

Tiktok ads

Connect with your customers by creating creative videos. With TikTok, you increase your online visibility, win new target groups and involve them through organic video formats or supported challenges. In addition, we will help you to define your goals correctly, set the sales strategy and optimize your advertising campaign.

Instagram advertising

With Instagram Ads, we help you achieve your business goals – from increasing your brand awareness to driving awareness of your product or service to convert prospects into customers.

LinkedIn advertising

Promoting your services to professional circles is a great opportunity to reach out to those most interested in your product or service.



Benefits of working with us

First Google Partner

We’re always proving how good we are at AdWords by growing our revenue and adding more customers. In addition, we offer up-to-date industry knowledge and experience to ensure quality service.

No minimum monthly budget

We work with each client individually – you are important to us, whether you have a large, medium or small budget.

A certified team of experts

We have 24 Google AdWords certificates proving a deep knowledge of Google products. 5 Google Analytics, 6 Yandex.Direct and 5 Yandex. Metrica-certified specialists work in our company.

Online payments with PayPal

Individuals will find that making payments with us is simple and hassle-free. This option is also available if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.

Transparent business processes

We have a well-established strategy for all online marketing activities. We’re open about our advertising methods and constantly educate our customers so they can see exactly what we’re doing.

Multichannel approach

We cover the entire spectrum of online advertising services. We work with PPC, CPC, Display, RTB, Social Marketing, Video, Mobile Ads and every other type of channel and content you can think of.

E-commerce | PPC Marketing Firm

E-commerce Advertising

We create a market analysis and an overview of the defined market segments; we develop the naming and branding for your goods; we design the layout of your brand page on the marketplace; then we develop your e-com marketing strategy, optimize the products for better discoverability, set, manage and optimize your e-com campaigns to bring you the best possible ROI.
Since a product in any marketplace attracts customers primarily through an adaptable, relevant design, we also help you with the development, customization and resizing of your promotional materials, such as B. Banners, layouts, and product images for performance on e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and others. We develop a high-quality and attractive design for your products, suitable for placement on any e-commerce platform to increase sales. We would ask that you get in touch with us so that we can provide you with more information regarding the e-commerce options that are available to you.

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PPC Marketing Firm offers a proven strategy to plan, manage and optimize your PPC marketing and social media advertising campaigns.


Researching your target audience, products or services.


Setting goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) and making a plan for how to promote your product or service as a whole.


We set up your accounts and link them to the online analytics tools. We set up goals and the UTM parameters in the online analytics tools and make other adjustments so you can track the impact of your campaigns.

Keywords (Paid Search Campaigns)

Identifying the niche keywords that bring the most relevant traffic to your website. Ad targeting and personalization (display advertising and social media campaigns): Keywords, locations, interests, placements, topics, demographics and other factors are determined to personalize your online campaigns. Audience retargeting (remarketing/retargeting): segmentation of potential customers who are more likely to be won.

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Creating ads that draw attention to your company, products/services and testing their effectiveness (PPC); we develop and test targeted ads (SMM, Remarketing/Retargeting).


Monitor the efficiency of your campaigns, paying attention to CTR, conversion rates and other KPIs.


Optimizing your advertising settings such as costs, negative tags and other parameters (PPC); Modification of targeting, personalization and display texts (display ads and SMM); Change of target groups (remarketing / retargeting).

Monthly Report

Detailed reporting of your advertising campaign, including website visits, CTRs, CPCs, engagement levels, conversion rates and other key data.

We provide the best PPC Marketing Services in USA. Contact us with Maven SEO Agency, which is always available as a PPC marketing firm and provides the best PPC marketing consultant services.

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