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SEO Consultant: What are his Missions?

SEO Consultant

The SEO consultant plays a key role in constructing and optimizing a website. Consequently, this ranks among the most sought-after online jobs. Indeed, today, this position is in high demand for job offers. ere is a summary of the duties of an SEO expert.

SEO consultant


SEO (Search engine optimization) or natural referencing differs from paid referencing because it involves implementing a good digital strategy using numerous referencing tools.

This is the science of positioning a website in search results. Indeed, a privileged place ensures excellent visibility of your website. Moreover, according to the site, in 2018, more than 20% of visitors chose the first result, while around 13% chose the second result from the list provided. SEO involves creating high-quality content. Especially since Google favors the content’s qualitative and not the quantitative aspect. A reference site has good content and an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate. This requirement involves excellent linking, informative URLs, and catchy titles and meta descriptions. Finally, a good website adapts to all existing computer media, including tablets, smartphones, etc.

The first results of an SEO strategy may take time to appear if you take care of it yourself. Whether freelance or working for an SEO agency, the SEO consultant will make your job easier by issuing recommendations. Based on these recommendations, you can boost your SEO referencing and better position your website in the Google search engine. This will get you more traffic.

The job

The profession of SEO consultant brings together several web professions: web marketing on the one hand and communication professions on the other. Not to mention search marketing and web content writing. This recent profession has gained momentum since the upheaval of the Internet and e-business.

In addition, the SEO consultant is a professional providing advice on natural referencing and carrying out SEO audits. This professional is an expert in web and new technologies and perfectly masters the basic rules of natural referencing for search engines. Moreover, these regulatory standards serve as a lever to propel web pages to the top of search engine results. Thus, this placement guarantees an increase in traffic volume and conversion rate. In addition, this job requires knowledge of new SEO tricks and digital marketing strategies.


The SEO consultant’s salary depends on seniority, experience and status. For example, a freelance SEO consultant will not receive the same salary as a salaried SEO consultant. Some SEO experts are paid by the hour, by retainer, or by the project. However, companies favor payment per project. Regarding the amount, The fixing fluctuates according to the project’s size and complexity. In general, a classic contract between a company and a consultant costs around 800 to 6,000 euros per month according to a study carried out with 600 companies focused on SEO. In addition, this investigation revealed that the tariff minimum for an SEO consultant is approximately 400 euros, while the highest salary reaches 4,000 euros per month. However, consultants working for SMEs earn a lower monthly salary.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization

The SEO consultant’s primary responsibility is to optimize the search engine ranking of the premises for which he is responsible. This task involves the consideration of many factors as well as strategies. It also involves an excellent SEO strategy and advanced SEO techniques. Thus, to use the best SEO tools available, the SEO consultant monitors SEO, which allows him to keep up-to-date with new developments.

Especially since the permanent modification of Google’s working methods forces SEO experts to update their attack strategy, natural referencing first requires optimizing keywords and META tags (especially the meta description). Secondly, the professional must understand the importance of internal and external links, the marketing campaign, net-linking, and emerging SEO and social media trends. The natural referencing expert also considers PPC (Pay per click is an advertisement billing method). In addition, the specialist inspects On-site SEO (actions performed in the platform by the SEO) and Off-site SEO (actions performed by the SEO outside the site).

 Objectives And Analysis

Improving positioning can be broken down into several objectives. Improving traffic is one of the SEO objectives that must be accomplished. The increase in turnover is also among the concerns of the SEO expert. In addition, this SEO specialist analyzes the existing On site and Off site. Consequently, hiring an SEO contractor is a guarantee of dependability and results. For this, it is, of course, essential to have a site. The technical audit will focus on the existing to detect the strong points and faults. The professional then performs an in-depth analysis intending to optimize the existing SEO. The structure of the platform pages, the content analysis from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, the design of meta, H1 and title tags, the URL and the loading time…so many elements scrutinized by the SEO consultant. On the other hand, off-site refers to the analysis of competition, social media, and links.

SEO Strategy And Reporting

Establishing an SEO strategy aims to anticipate possible technical changes as well as redesigns, in particular, the redesign of the website. This mission also consists of setting up a plan and a schedule of actions. If necessary, the SEO specialist calls on partners and stakeholders, particularly in the content strategy. As part of content writing, the SEO consultant encodes HTML tags. This specialist improves the texts by integrating the essential keywords. In addition to keywords, this expert multiplies Net-linking (incoming links) to maximize the site’s visibility and improve its online popularity (or e-reputation). He must also write a report to report on the site’s positioning, updates and traffic. This report is intended for clients and employers.

How Does an SEO Consultant Work?

To carry out his duties, the SEO expert considers all aspects of the site. This allows the SEO consultant to ensure that the site has more traffic and that its competitive positioning is sustainable.

The working methods are specific to each expert. In general, their operation is divided into 4 stages. The first step concerns the launch of a technical SEO audit of the premises to determine its advantages and drawbacks, backlogs, and obstacles elements to be revised. Then, his work continues by improving the technical structure of the platform. During this stage, the consultant improves ergonomics, display time and markup to facilitate the scanning of search engine robots. Then, the next step aims to optimize the content keywords according to the client’s choice, trends and competitors. Finally, the consultant revises the incoming links to increase the visibility and notoriety as well as the reputation of the site.

 How To Communicate With The SEO Consultant?

The client communicates directly with the consultant, even if the latter works in the agency. However, this configuration varies depending on the setting. In the context of freelancing, the SEO consultant and his client communicate by telephone, SMS, e-mail or Skype. The choice of communication tool is based on the needs of both parties, the nature of the service and the purpose of the contact. This allows both parties to establish the line of work, the site’s tree structure, the editorial line and the stated objectives of traffic acquisition. At the end of the contract, the SEO consultant and his client keep the optimized content. Indeed, the contract emphasizes that at the end of their collaboration, the consultants are deprived of their right to modify the site’s content.



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