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How Much Does SEO Positioning Cost?

SEO positioning cost

Many readers will believe that SEO web positioning only involves positioning a keyword and creating incoming links (backlinks), but SEO goes far beyond web positioning.

An SEO strategy requires maintenance and updates, week by week, to ensure that a Web page remains in the first results.

As can be deduced from the Tips necessary for a good SEO job (which are not few, and we will remind you below), one of the requirements is ‘dedication and time.’

You will be surprised and disoriented by the market’s price disparity of SEO services. For example, for the same project, it is possible to find prices from $50 to $1,500.

What advantages will I have when investing in SEO positioning?

Before considering the price, you should consider the advantages of this type of service.

For example, SEO positioning seeks users and potential customers to ‘GET TO YOUR WEBSITE‘ to your shop window, business, store, and office. Let them enter it!

Imagine that you put up a tent in the middle of the desert. How many customers will enter? Well, only those who pass by would be potential customers, and there aren’t many, right? However, if the store is located in the most commercial area of ​​a big city, the potential customers multiply exponentially, and the sales possibilities too. Well, that is what SEO positioning does. Bring customers to your ‘showcase’ so they can see what you have to offer them.

Also, following the same example, if the store in the desert sells fresh drinking water, even if few customers come in, it will be able to sell it at a gold price, make it profitable, and monetize the few visits received. In contrast, the store in the most commercial area will have to invest more in the premises, in decoration to make the store attractive, in service, in customer service personnel, in differentiation from the competition, etc. What is it like that in real life? Well, it is also in online marketing!

All this also influences the effort and price of web SEO positioning (competition, dedication, differentiation.)

What Influences the Cost or Price of SEO Positioning?

  • Need to carry out a previous audit. Before beginning, it is necessary to analyze the current sit.
  • If it is a Web that starts from scratch or is running.
  • Positioning ranking of the web at the time of the budget.
  • Technical base: servers, templates, builders, developers.
  • Competition: as competition increases, so does the need to invest in differences and content for the positioning.
  • Extension of the web: (number of pages, blog entries, images. It is not the same to face a website with 25 pages as one with 1000. Volume translates into time, and time into money.
  • Some keywords or services to position. The more keywords or services vs. competition for each, the more investment will be required.
  • Responsive and easily accessible websites, avoiding pages that are too slow or incompatible with mobile devices.
  • Creation of new and optimized quality content. In any strategy, new content must be focused on meeting the positioning objectives. Will you create them under the guidelines of the SEO specialist? Will you create them, and the SEO positioning specialist will optimize them? Do you delegate all the work to the freelance or agency? We return to the keys… Time and dedication.
  • Creation of links within the web and outside the web. Link building. (in the case of external links, they should come from sites with a similar theme to yours). Beyond the possible purchase of quality links, you can get free links with press releases, for example, or by working on Social Networks. But even if the link is free, it requires work and time to be charged. The link building or the achievement of external links has a price.
  • SEO training and content. It is possible to learn SEO positioning in specialized agencies through web training. But think about how much the classes will cost and how much time you will spend on them. On the other hand, keep in mind that SEO positioning is based, among others, on Google algorithms, which will require constant updating. The speed at which digital marketing changes is dizzying.
  • Training in your business. A good professional, who will write about your business and manage the image, reputation, and quality of the content, should also be trained in your project. Know your interests, your objectives and adapt them, measuring the results to what customers demand. From serious and formal or casual language to being creative because you need to frequently repeat the publication of a product and service without sounding ‘the same.’ Again, time is important, and, as you will see, this is not clicking, and we already have a new post.
  • Analysis tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs work with licenses for around $90 per month. Can you count on them?
  • Design tools or image treatment for web optimization will make your website weigh less (Photoshop, Affinity licenses.)
  • Page type (corporate/e-commerce.) The page type will guide the way of working and the necessary tools.
  • Follow-up price. Sorry, this is not a one-time payment. I have heard of ‘ Cost of SEO Positioning Campaigns. ‘ SEO positioning work, we insist, is the opposite of ‘I work for a month, and I forget.’ A search engine positioning strategy requires constant monitoring and improvement, and updating based on the ranking factors set by Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. Optimizing the page is useless if we are unaware of an algorithm change that can “throw it down” again.
  • It will also influence if you contract only the SEO positioning service or various Online Marketing services.

So how much is SEO Positioning going to cost me?

You will say that you reach the end of the article without answering. And is that the answer cannot be established without a prior evaluation, a diagnosis, and some objectives and without considering how big the company is or how much it spends on SEO. But if you want to an SEO positioning fee, we will tell you that the average price of a freelance SEO manager or with an agency ranges between $350 and $1,500. Don’t trust lower prices. You will find ads that ask for investments of $50/month or less than $35/hr, no matter how basic that supposed SEO service is. Would someone make you generate million-dollar sales of services or products for $50 or $100? Or will it create a personal image and an outstanding online reputation for that price?

No one would give up being at that price! And yet, when we look for information on the Internet, it turns out that hundreds and hundreds of pages appear talking about the same thing, but only a few privileged ones in the first positions or pages. Do you think someone will use a search engine to find you on page 15? What role do you want to play? Yeah. It can be expensive to lose $50 a month…

These are the average prices for SEO positioning that you will find on the Internet:

  • The SEO services of a Freelancer, ideal for micro-businesses or other freelancers, are around $40/hr or $400/month at a flat rate for small websites.
  • Small agencies for small and medium-sized companies, from $30/hr or $500/month with a flat rate.
  • SEO services from a medium-sized agency aimed at medium-sized and large companies are priced from $1,500/month or $10,000 per project.
  • The services of the large SEO agencies, which only work for complete projects, cost $50,000/year or for results with a percentage of sales.
  • The average hourly price for SEO services is around 30 and 60 euros, depending on the experience and training required.
  • If we talk about the ‘ Cost of Positioning through SEO Campaigns ‘ (which can be useful in a specific way, but not as a strategy, as explained), the prices would be around: ·
  • If we are talking about a micro-Web, SEO tasks can cost between $750 and $1,500.
  • · In the case of a small Web page, the price of the SEO service would be between $4,000 and $6,000.
  • · In the case of a medium-sized website, the price is between $10,000 and $20,000.
  • · In a large and complex Web page, the price can easily exceed $40,000.
  • SEO service price for credits/bonus hours. Again, we do not favor this strategy since it contradicts what SEO positioning means.
  • As with SEO campaigns, the modality of hours can be carried out promptly. The average price per hour of a specialist in SEO positioning is between $30 and $50, depending on the size of the bonus chosen.


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