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What Does SEO Services Include?

SEO Services

Benefit from SEO support and tailor-made services thanks to an SEO Agency

SEO is the first step to getting visibility, traffic, and, by extension, leads or sales, since it brings in nearly half of all traffic. Yet, despite the challenges, most site editors and companies do not integrate the human and technical resources necessary for continuously or occasionally optimizing their referencing.

Using a natural referencing agency makes it possible to identify and implement improvements to reach the first page of Google. Our Maven SEO Agency offers a wide range of services that covers all aspects of natural referencing.

SEO Audit, The Foundation Of Your SEO Techniques

An SEO audit is an important step in optimizing your website for search engines, regardless of how long your site is online or how many pages it contains. An SEO audit aims to analyze all aspects of your website’s search engine visibility and optimization, identify any weaknesses and suggest ways to improve your results.

Like any other business, to be effective, your website needs to be audited regularly to ensure that it keeps up with the latest trends and changes in the online environment. Maven seo agency has the expertise, tools and experience to perform a comprehensive SEO audit and recommend effective optimizations for your website.

Marketing Audit

The success of an SEO strategy depends on the ability to cover a wide range of keyword phrases. An SEO marketing audit aims to identify the search behaviors of Internet users who seek information on the products and services marketed by our customers. We can develop a more effective SEO visibility strategy by understanding these keywords.

Technical Audit

An SEO audit is important to identify blocking factors or weak points hindering your website’s performance on search engines. By analyzing your site, you can ensure that nothing is negatively impacting your SEO and causing your site to lose visibility. Make the necessary adjustments to your site in order to maintain its high position in search engine results.

Netlinking Audit

The net-linking audit generally focuses on acquiring backlinks from the client’s site and competitors. This includes analyzing the number of links, their Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

The net-linking audit will also define a strategy to develop the site’s popularity in link-building.

SEO Advise & Support

SEO techniques can be implemented through a comprehensive SEO consulting service.

Accompaniment in “management” mode

The support in management mode offered by the Maven seo agency team will allow you to precisely follow your project in all stages of development:

  • Definition of specifications.
  • Recipes.
  • Measurements analysis and corrections (test & learn).

Support in “SEO Coaching” mode

You are SEO “in-house” and want to be accompanied by an agency to have an outside perspective.

Benefit from the advice of our SEO experts to take a step back on your SEO strategy. Through regular and personalized coaching sessions, you can confront your vision of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)with experienced SEO specialists.

You gain skills and, above all in, flexibility with the help of consultants experienced in natural referencing.

Our Other SEO Services

SEO Training

In online marketing, you can use a million techniques to help your site rank higher. So how do you figure out which ones to pay attention to? And most importantly, how do you know which ones are best for your business? This is where SEO training comes in. The Maven seo agency offers inter-company or tailor-made intra-company SEO training. They are always carried out by certified, recognized professionals who intervene daily on the themes entrusted to them on behalf of our clients.

SEO Strategy

Creating a relevant and reliable SEO strategy remains difficult because it involves many different components and levers. As an experienced SEO agency, Maven seo agency supports you in developing your SEO strategy. In addition, our team will work to identify the SEO opportunities available to you and to put in place actions to optimize your site to obtain lasting results.

Reporting and SEO Tracking

At Maven seo agency, we believe in measuring results to track the results of our actions. Therefore, we constantly monitor your keywords, their positions, and the organic traffic on your website. We also believe that optimizations should be an ongoing process, so we regularly monitor how your organic visibility changes and make changes accordingly to improve your ranking on Google.

Log Analysis

Server log analysis is a process that helps you understand how Google bots search your site through an in-depth study of the obstacles preventing them from indexing your pages and the optimization techniques that work better from a technical point of view and the overall structure of the website. We support site editors in precisely analyzing the logs and “making the data speak” to draw concrete and decisive lessons.

SEO Redesign

SEO support during a site redesign gives you the means to maintain your best positions while ensuring the future SEO performance of your new site. In addition, our consultants advise you throughout the project for a successful redesign or migration.

Why choose our SEO agency?

Our SEO Expertise

Maven seo agency is an SEO agency serving businesses looking for the online visibility they deserve. We have a team of professionals with years of experience who can support and guide you in all aspects of SEO, from keyword research and link building to creating SEO content or setting up more technical recommendations such as log analysis.

An Individualized Approach To Each SEO Project

We understand that SEO can be complicated and tedious, so we advocate a personalized approach for each project we work on. We do many different things as well. So whether you need help with on-page optimization or want to create a complete SEO strategy, we can help.


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