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Technical SEO Services - Basis for a top ranking

  • OnPage SEO Factors in the page’s programming and the web server’s configuration.
  • Technical defects can hinder search engines when crawling and indexing.
  • Look over the technical and structural things that will help you succeed.
  • Better user experience and better performance.

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Our extensive services as a technical SEO agency

SEO technical Analysis

We put your website through its paces technically.

Efficient crawling

Improve indexing through efficient crawling.

Clean indexing

We ensure that all your pages are indexed correctly.

Pagespeed Optimization

Maximize the optimization of your website's loading times. Also AMP.

Technical SEO Consultant

Why working with an agency pays off ?

Why technical SEO is essential for businesses?

A website that is not technically optimized for users and Google cannot achieve its online marketing goals. Because: Only when a page is technically perfectly geared to SEO can business owners tackle further SEO measures such as on-page optimization. Only then can search engines index a website accurately and place it at the top of search results. And: This is the only way for the customer to enjoy a surfing experience that leads him to the conclusion of the purchase.

We take care of technical search engine optimization from A to Z

From technical SEO analysis and SEO consulting to implementation: As an technical seo agency, we take care of every single step of technical SEO. We uncover the weak points of your web presence, design solutions and implement them so that you have a powerful SEO foundation.

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Technical SEO: This is what we do as an Technical SEO agency

Technical search engine optimization is the basis for getting your content into the top positions on Google. As an SEO agency, we take on these services:

Optimization of 404 pages

A 404 page throws users into limbo. For example, this can be because companies have deleted an original page or changed the URL. As an technical seo consultant, we ensure that your 404 pages do not lose users. We design the pages so you can continue surfing quickly and easily without losing potential customers.

Creating an XML sitemap

An XML sitemap lists all available pages on a website. Professional search engine optimization requires this. Because: Google can read this file and thus better recognize when a page has a new subpage or content. The search engine can therefore crawl a website better. As an agency, we create the sitemap for your website.

Optimization of the URL structure

Google requires users to see what’s behind a URL at a glance. So we check your URLs and turn them into meaningful, concisely worded links that search engines can index without irritation.

Controlling the robots.txt file

You are unique. Your digital project should be too. Whether in terms of design, content, or complexities, our UI/UX designers reflect with you on the best way to highlight your image and your uniqueness.

Implementation of structured data

Structured data is information that is in a standard format. This assists search engines in ranking the information that is located on your website. It is not a direct factor in search engine optimization. But structured data is used by Google to make rich snippets for its SERPs. If you use structured data, your business is more likely to appear in search results with special information like star ratings, prices, or images.

Checking the website structure

How easily people find their way around a website depends on its setup. Companies need a page that users can easily find their way around. We look at how your website is set up and ensure it meets search engines’ needs. Our technical SEO consultant helps you improve the structure of your page.

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Implementation of Mobile First

Google will only index and rank mobile websites beginning in Jan2023. Therefore, our technical SEO consultant ensures that your customers have a pleasant and quick mobile browsing experience. Furthermore, an analysis of your mobile website shows us which weak points we need to improve from an SEO point of view.

Optimization of the meta tags

Professional search engine optimization also includes title tags and meta-description optimization. We review and adjust these to give users a high click-through rate. This can significantly impact the ranking because Google often rewards a page with a high click rate with a placement in the top ranks.

Markup of images

Not only is text relevant for Google for search engine optimization. The search engine also rates images. Companies, therefore, need images optimized for SEO on their website. As an agency, we title your images so that search engines can quickly recognize and process them. We also fill in other important SEO information, such as the alt tag.

Text formatting adjustment

The structure and design of content are both editorially and technically relevant for SEO. To ensure that your texts meet the requirements of Google and Co., we check the formatting of your texts and adapt them to the search engine specifications.

Avoidance of duplicate content

Duplicate content confuses search engine crawlers. Because: Duplicate content makes it difficult for them to evaluate and rank it. As an SEO agency, we check whether your website contains duplicate content. Our technical SEO consultant advice will then show you how to deal with this so that you don’t lose any SEO points.

How to benefit from Technical SEO Services

Technical search engine optimization gives users a better surfing experience. In addition, it ensures that Google can easily pick up and index your website. The result: You get a better ranking in the SERPs, generate more traffic, achieve a higher conversion rate and thus higher sales. This provides you with an advantage over your competitors.

Why you are always one step ahead with us as an SEO agency

As a Maven SEO agency, we have many years of experience in marketing, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical SEO services. We have successfully managed over 900 projects in more than 15 years. In our portfolio, you will find over 400 satisfied customers.
Thus, we are conscious of our actions. However, we are confident that we can assist you with our knowledge of search engine optimization. As a technical SEO agency, we have in-depth knowledge of the Google and Bing algorithms and many years of experience in analysis and consulting. Our online marketing and technical SEO consultant will collaborate with you to develop a search engine optimization strategy that will assist you in achieving your online marketing objectives. With us as your agency at your side, you end up in the top spots in the SERPs – and outperform the competition. we are providing the best technical SEO consultant services contact us.

Technical SEO FAQS

What is Technical SEO?

Technical search engine optimization includes all technical measures that can positively influence your ranking in the SERPs. This includes, among other things, improving the page speed, adjusting the page structure and optimizing meta tags.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO ensures that the customer and Google can use a website optimally. This is the basic requirement for business owners to generate traffic, leads, conversion and sales.

Why do I need technical search engine optimization(SEO)?

Technical SEO Consultant, including SEO consulting, ensures that a website technically meets the requirements of users and search engines. Only then does a website have the basis for implementing further SEO measures successfully. Therefore, companies also need the sub-discipline of technical SEO in marketing to reach their target group and place themselves high in the search results.

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