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White label SEO

What really is white label SEO, and why does it collaborate?

How does “white label” mean? understanding white label SEO, we must understand what a white label is or what this term refers to, which, although many of us have heard and used it, is unclear.

A private label is a brand belonging to a large distributor, which creates a second brand to sell products at a lower price and with lower benefits.

In this way, in addition to monopolizing the market, the first brand is not vulgarized by relating it to a product with lower benefits and a considerably lower price, so much so that even a group of users joined and created the Private Labels Blog to inquire into the matter.

Nd it is that private label products are traditionally related to the food sector. However, the incursion of new business models mainly related to the technology sector has led to the term being applied in other sectors, such as Marketing.

Far from the controversy of whether or not to manufacture products for third parties, we see how the white label in Marketing is here to stay (for a long time).

Prior comprehension As such, how this exactly is light skinned SEO? related to SEO consists of reselling SEO services for web pages to other companies. To better understand this white label SEO, we are going to give an example and ask some questions:

↠ You are a Marketing company, a freelance entrepreneur, etc., and a client demanding a web positioning service.

You do not provide this service either because you do not have the material, human, infrastructure or even time resources.

What would you do?

It is about keeping the client and providing them with an optimal service without them having to contract a different service with different companies or professionals.

The SEO agencies that offer white label SEO play a major role since it is a lifeboat in these cases.

The company or professional would keep their client by providing a complete service adapted to their needs through a third party without making a large investment in resources.

The white label SEO agency would then do the authentic SEO positioning work anonymously.

White label SEO: What are these various Seos do, and how are those who make money?

The company or professional that contracts a White label SEO service will maintain the contractual relationship with its client, selling, invoicing and communicating with the client normally. In contrast, another company does authentic SEO work.

The authentic SEO company will, among other things:

Provide the SEO positioning service

Creation and development of the SEO strategy. It will be in charge of doing SEO audits, proposing the actions and timing of the project, and allocating the necessary It will take both people and things to do it.

Helping with SEO

White label SEO agency will provide consultancy, advice and support services to the contracting company on web positioning issues. After the first detailed SEO analysis, they will design customized campaigns to achieve the objectives set quickly.

Generation of SEO Reports

The white label SEO agency will generate personalized reports with the name and logo of the contracting company with means such as SEO & Social tool, among others, allowing this type of report generation.

SEO Tools

The white label SEO agency will provide the necessary SEO and analytics tools. This is a great advantage since, although free tools exist, the vast majority are paid. Sistrix, SemRush, Screaming Frog, and many, many more.

Don’t you know how many? Find out in our post about Top Free and Paid SEO Tools.

And much more how:

  • Rename documents.
  • SEO audit.
  • Call the customer on behalf of the contracting company.

White-label Online Marketing, who is it focused on?

As we mentioned previously, the white label SEO service is intended mainly for entrepreneurs, Marketing and Advertising companies, developers, designers, independent consultants and all those people or companies who want to offer a search engine positioning service to their clients but who do not. They have the necessary and sufficient resources.

If you are in this situation, we will tell you below some SEO companies that put their knowledge, material equipment, human equipment and time at your service so that you can focus on offering the services in which you are specialized, leaving the SEO of your website in the hands of professionals. Your clients. Want to talk to them? Take note!

Maven SEO Agency. 360º Positioning Agency

We not only want to give our customers the best service we can. Also, we want to help you reach business goals. And that’s why we couldn’t miss it here!

By hiring white label SEO: If you work with us, you’ll know you’re working with a professional agency that knows what it’s doing and can help you reach the goals your client has set for you. You can with us.

With us, you can either work on the SEO campaign confidentially or allow us to directly manage the web positioning with the client. Visit our Maven SEO Agency page for more information.


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